We have accreditations at the following institutions:

  • BANKSETA (ETQA – 557033): Our accreditation with BANKSETA enables us to deliver national qualifications and various registered skills programmes and short courses to the credit and corporate industries.

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    • Learnership: National Certificate in Micro Finance (ID: 23453)
    • Learnership: Further Education and Training Certificate: Microfinance (ID 23433)
    • Sales Excellence Programme for Loan Officers
    • Coaching Excellence
    • Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel (on new unit standards)
    • Fundamentals for Development Managers
    • Effective Debt Collection under the NCA
    • Communicate effectively in an office-based environment
    • Supervise a customer service orientated office-based environment
    • Provide customer service in an organisation
    • Manage your personal finances
    • Facilitate Learning
    • Manage your personal finances
    • Telephone Etiquette
    • Time management
    • Project Management (on new unit standard)
    • Effective Selling
    • All-in-one credit course

  • FASSET (A585000003)

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    • Learnership: Further Education and Training Certificate: Debt Recovery (ID:49201)

  • Institute of Credit Management (ICM): We have full accreditation with the ICM, which is a professional body providing the syllabi and curricula for all training institutions who present qualifications in credit management. Consequently, this accreditation allows us to host the Certificate in Credit Management and Advanced Certificate in Credit Management. View our ICM Certificate here.

    View ICM accredited courses

    • Credit Management 1
    • Credit Management 2
    • Credit Management 3
    • Credit Management 4

  • National Credit Regulator (NCR): We are one of the few training service providers approved by the National Credit Regulator to provide debt counsellor training in South Africa.

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    • Debt Counselling Training

  • Services SETA

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    • Management Development Programme 1-3