Social Development

Social Investment

Together with our sister company, Compuscan, we are acutely aware of our responsibility to uplift the communities in which we live and work. In order to achieve this it is our belief that along with charity involvement and donations, education is vital to improve their circumstances. For this reason Compuscan Academy chose to educate communities on their financial position by hosting free Money Management Workshops across South Africa.

Money Management Workshops

Compuscan Academy’s countrywide free Money Management Workshops educate and equip individuals with vital money management and credit knowledge. By empowering communities with financial insight we hope to bestow on them the ability to better manage their personal finances and make informed financial decisions. At all workshops attendees are given the opportunity to receive a free copy of their credit report, provided they bring their ID documents along. On their credit report attendees can see their current creditworthiness status and they are provided with critical information on how to improve their credit status to gain access to credit in times of need. Furthermore, the report makes individuals aware of their credit history and how paying their accounts on time can be used to their advantage. Compuscan Academy sees these workshops as a long-term investment in our people and our country.