POPIA, GDPR and Cybersecurity Workshops

The Reality of POPIA and Cybersecurity

The publication of the Regulations to POPIA brings us one step closer to the proclamation of the commencement of the Act. The Regulations are important as they provide guidance to how the parties responsible for the processing of personal information interact with the Information Regulator in dealing with the wide-ranging issues that are within the responsibility of the Regulator.


Workshop outcomes:

The workshop will address and equip attendees to:

  • Prepare for the implementation of POPIA;
  • Understand the lawful conditions of processing of personal information;
  • Understand the relationship between information security and data protection;
  • Understand Information Officer/s’ duties;
  • Facilitate policy development;
  • Implement incident response and data breach reporting;
  • Address education requirements of: The Board/The Information Officers/POPIA implementers/POPIA managers/Line managers/and Users.
  • Understand the similarities and differences between POPIA and the GDRP;
  • Consider the implications of the Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill

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