Credit Bureau Study Tours

Compuscan Academy has designed a unique learning experience for Central Banks from other countries entitled A Credit Bureau Active Learning Programme in South Africa. This learning programme focuses on an integrated product approach and software platforms as a business solution to the identified client markets of credit bureaus, the establishment of which is often initiated by Central Banks. The programme further focuses on introducing Central Banks and other bureaus to the unique regulatory environment of credit bureaus in South Africa as well as provides and in-depth overview of credit data collection, processing and sharing processes. Further to this, the Central Banks or visiting credit bureau is introduced to different stakeholders within our credit market amongst others the National Credit Regulator (NCR), Credit Providers’ Association(CPA), Credit Bureau Association (CBA), Micro-Finance South Africa (MFSA), South African Fraud Prevention Services (SAFPS) as well as credit providers such as Capitec Bank and Atlas Finance. Since introducing this innovative learning programme, Compuscan Academy has hosted delegates from Uganda, Sri Lanka, Zambia and Indonesia.

Summary points

  • Integrated active learning programme aimed at Central Banks, existing credit bureaus and credit bureau users who want to establish or expand their credit bureau operations
  • Study tour covers the workings of private credit bureaus specifically focusing on the role, operations, and supervision of credit bureaus
  • Consists of five days with two days theoretical training on credit bureaus and three days of stakeholder visits
  • Theoretical training covers the following areas:
    • Introduction to credit bureaus
    • Legal and regulatory frameworks for credit bureaus
    • Information technology requirements
    • Data collection, validation, maintenance, distribution processes
    • Value adding products and services
  • Site visits can include (depends on institution availability):
    • National Credit Regulator
    • Credit Bureau Association
    • Credit Providers’ Association
    • Credit Information Ombud
    • Credit bureau users i.e. credit providers (Bank and Non-Bank)

Successful Credit Bureau Study Tours Hosted

  • Bank of Uganda (BOU)
    • Provided BOU with an internal overview of what Compuscan does as a credit bureau
    • Aimed at introducing BOU to South African policy makers and focussed on our National Credit Act and the Credit Providers’ Association
  • Uganda Banking Association
    • Aimed at educating the Association more about credit bureaus and what Compuscan as a credit bureau could offer the Association
  • Bank of Indonesia and National Bank of Rwanda
    • Trained the delegation on Credit Bureau Fundamentals coupled with arranging site visits to role players within the South African credit market
  • Bank of Nigeria
    • Focused on introducing them to best practices for regulating and operating a credit bureau set within the contexts of the South African and Ugandan credit industries
  • Credit Information Bureau of Sri Lanka (CRIB)
    • Introduced the different product offerings and the workings of a private credit bureau and its industry specifically highlighting the value adding products and services of credit bureaus and their usage in different client markets