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ICM National and Advanced Certificates in Credit Management download calendar rate us

Realise your potential and achieve your career goals by enroling for the Institute of Credit Management’s (ICM) Certificate in Credit Management. Learn all about the field of credit management (Module 1), the economic and legal environment of credit (Module 2) and the specific skills and knowledge required to operate and effectively manage a credit department (Module 3). During the Advanced Certificate (Module 4) you will learn how to manage employee’s performance and development, whilst conforming to required legislation and company policies and procedures.

National Certificate in Microfinance Level 3 download calendar rate us

Enrol for the Level 3 certificate and learn how to work with clients, assist them with loan applications, advise them on suitable ways in which to make loan repayments and on alternative ways to obtain funding in cases where the client does not qualify for a loan.

National Certificate in Microfinance Level 4 download calendar rate us

Enrol for the Level 4 certificate and learn how to manage the operations of microfinance institutions (MFIs) plus the skills to develop and implement client repayment schemes, credit policies and procedures, control and administrative systems, prevent fraud and how to conduct market research to develop new services to attract and retain clients.

All in One Credit Course download calendar rate us

This course will enable you to become an educated, skilled and successful credit professional who understands the world of credit, who can assess credit applications, identify and prevent fraud, implement an effective credit control system and collect bad debt, all within the Legal Framework of the South African Credit Industry.

An Introduction to Credit Management download calendar rate us

Our programme will give you insight into the ethical and professional requirements of the credit industry with a specific focus on aspects such as profit and loss, supply and demand as well as sustainability and compliance within the law.

The Legal Framework for Consumer Credit Management download calendar rate us

Learn the basics of the credit industry and get an overview of the concept credit management. This includes the relevant terms used, the legislation, the benefits and disadvantages of the different types of credit, the specific requirements and the impact of the legislation on all aspects of granting credit like applications, assessments, credit decisions and administering the credit agreement.

National Credit Act (NCA) Training download calendar rate us

Our NCA workshop will introduce and familiarise you with the specific provisions of the legislative framework regulating the credit arena. You will learn the purpose and objectives of the Act, consumer’s rights, how not to give credit recklessly as well as the different fees that you may charge under the Act. You will also learn about the requirements for collections, the much debated debt counselling process and how it affects your business.

Sales Excellence for Loan Consultants download calendar rate us

Gain a competitive edge and improve your sales skills by refining your capacity to demonstrate the value of your products, accurately suggest solutions to meet your customers’ needs and express a positive attitude as the expert in your field.

Applying Credit Assessment Practices and Methodologies download calendar rate us

Increase your knowledge, skills and abilities in terms of credit assessment practices and methodologies when evaluating loan applications. In this course you will learn to assess potential clients’ credit risk and to determine their repayment ability. You will be able to make effective credit decisions during the entire loan process from performing an affordability assessment to granting the loan, completing the administration and paying out the loan.

Credit Policies and Procedures download calendar rate us

Design, structure and implement credit policies, procedures and control systems with a range of process skills. You will learn to determine the essential elements of a credit policy, break the policies down into procedures, write the procedures into a manual and design control systems. Also learn to support the credit policies in terms of the structure and profile of your operations.

Credit Control and Collections download calendar rate us

Increase the profitability of your business by implementing an effective loan repayment and collection process. Our programme will teach you to how to achieve this while also looking at solutions to collect on problem loans.

Fraud Prevention and Monitoring download calendar rate us

Fraud is an ever growing problem and it has an immense impact on the financial well-being and reputation of your business. By attending this accredited skills programme you will learn to identify fraud and understand the impact it has on your business. You will further be provided with practical tools and examples on how to monitor and prevent fraud in order to take action against the perpetrators that are harmful to your business.

Marketing for Credit Providers download calendar rate us

For marketing to be effective it needs to be supported by research and analysis. Put yourself ahead of the competition by enroling for this programme. You will learn how to conduct market research, analyse your market, compile a proper budget for marketing and identify creative and cost-effective ways of marketing your credit products. The implications and requirements of the National Credit Act (NCA) which regulate the marketing of credit to consumers are also covered.

Manage Loan Portfolios download calendar rate us

This skills programme aims to familiarise the learner with the processes and procedures involved with the successful management of loan portfolios. In the ever changing environment that we are faced with daily we have to be up-to-date with all the new laws and regulations that govern the industry as well as the ethical and professional standards governing the industry. This course provides you with clear and concise principles that you can apply to your business within the credit industry.

Manage Service Providers in a Credit Environment download calendar rate us

Managing and monitoring your relationships with your service providers is critical to your business’ effectiveness. You need to have the correct skills and knowledge to be able to nurture and build an ongoing relationship with your service provider. This programme will teach you to understand your service providers, to develop and negotiate service contracts with them and manage the successful delivery of their services.

Basic Financial Analysis Skillsdownload calendar rate us

This skills programme aims to equip learners to better understand the changing factors influencing the role of the micro credit provider, specifically focusing on mathematical equations relating to interest rates and interest rate caps imposed by the NCA. The knowledge and skills gained through this course will give a better understanding of both applications and calculations and will assist with decision making based on financial statements using applicable ratios.

Microfinance Administration download calendar rate us

In a microfinance institution (MFI) it is crucial to design, structure and implement effective procedures and controls. You will be provided with the knowledge, skills and abilities to develop systems and write procedures  in order to keep client information safe.

Develop Cash Management Procedures download calendar rate us

During this course you will learn the skills to develop required cash management procedures in your organisation. You will also learn about specific budgets within various departments, fund management systems and various accounting systems within a microfinance organisation as well as understanding who the delegated authorities are within the context of using funds for various purposes.

Develop Repayment Policies and Procedures download calendar rate us

This course will benefit microfinance institutions and assist them to manage their credit operations effectively while ensuring that the borrowers are dealt with in a professional manner. Individuals will be provided with the practical skills and knowledge in order to perform the required tasks as a loan officer effectively.

SME Credit Training download calendar rate us

This course is targeted at banks and other interested credit providers in developing countries and emerging markets that want to learn about the potential benefits of targeting the SME sector. You will learn how to build, expand and market your SME offerings for business success.

Overview of Credit Bureaus download calendar rate us

This course will outline the core functions of a credit bureau along with its roles and responsibilities. It will also familiarise you with the different types of bureaus, the data they store along with their processes and inner workings within a South African context.