Debt Counselling Courses

Further your career as a debt counsellor with one of the courses below.

Debt Counselling Trainingdownload calendar rate us

Training and registering as a debt counsellor, both as an individual or as an employee for an organisation is currently a promising and value adding career opportunity. Learn how to assist consumers through debt review and restructuring all within the scope of the requirements of the National Credit Act (NCA). You will also learn to not only apply the debt counselling process, but also to budget, communicate and negotiate with consumers and creditors.

The Impact of Debt Counselling on Credit Providersdownload calendar rate us

The introduction of a new player in the credit industry, namely the debt counsellor, affects the way you as a credit provider will collect late payments from your customers. It is therefore essential that you attend this workshop to familiarise yourself with the debt counselling process. Working within a credit environment requires you to understand this profession and the legal requirements stipulated in the NCA.