Debt Recovery Courses

Learn how to effectively collect on outstanding debts with our debt recovery courses.

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Effective Debt Collection Strategies downloadcalendarrate us

Enrol for our course and learn about the most effective debt collecting strategies. The course outlines effective communication and negotiating skills as well as the effective use of correspondence in collecting debt.

Debtor Assessment and Portfolio Managementdownloadcalendarrate us

Throughout this course learners will be taught to effectively manage their debtor portfolios, maintain records and update relevant details, manage and review allocations, evaluate debtor accounts and provide detailed statements of accounts.

Personal Effectiveness and Record Keeping in a Debt Recovery Environment    downloadcalendarrate us

This course will teach learners to become more efficient and organised when keeping records. Learn to instantly locate records on request and maintain impeccable records at all times.

Legal and Ethical Frameworks for Debt Recovery downloadcalendarrate us

During this course we explain the appropriate legislation and ethical principles that every professional involved in debt recovery should have an understanding of. Learners will be taught to interpret and comply with legislation, make ethical decisions, comply with the debt recovery code of conduct and apply statutory requirements.

Manage Credit Provider Portfolios in a Debt Recovery Environment downloadcalendarrate us

With the knowledge gained from this course, learners will be able to quickly and efficiently review and manage their credit grantor portfolios. They will learn how to compile a report, implement a credit grantor agreement and manage their reports from start to finish.

Debt Recovery Administration Systems downloadcalendarrate us

This course ensures that administrative staff are well equipped to analyse administrative functions and structures and assess which systems are needed. Learners will be taught how to research and develop plans to improve systems and to implement their findings. They will also develop the skills to monitor and control administration systems in order to maintain the efficient functioning of the office.

Accounting Practices in Debt Recovery Collection downloadcalendarrate us

This course will assist learners to understand the importance of good accounting practices in a debt recovery environment through the application of sound accounting principles in factoring in profit and loss, reconciling debtor accounts and making accurate financial calculations in terms of interest rates and other basic financial analysis calculations.

Building Client Relationships in Debt Recovery downloadcalendarrate us

This programme will up-skill learners and assist them to understand how to perform more professionally in this environment, communicate with debtors more effectively and apply industry knowledge while building these relationships.

The Basics of Securities for Finance and Repossessions of Goods downloadcalendarrate us

With the knowledge provided in this course learners will be able to confidently carry out the process, administer pre- and post-possession notices and demonstrate an understanding of the principles related to security and the requirements for legally binding security documentation.

Basic Accounting and Budgeting in a Debt Recovery Business downloadcalendarrate us

This course will enable learners to analyse the budget needs of a business unit, to present and justify a proposed budget as well as monitor and control expenses against the project figures. Furthermore, learners will be equipped to process documents relating to the services provided and to receive and record receipts.