Personal Skills

Empower your staff and improve their wellbeing with our personal skills courses.

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Time Management download calendar rate us

If you find yourself in the situation where you need some guidance to manage your time more effectively then this is the course for you. You will learn the necessary skills to manage yourself and the time that you allocate to projects and everyday tasks. The course will define time management and its concepts and will assist you to develop a prioritised action plan, be more productive and stress free.

HIV & AIDS Awarness Training download calendar rate us

This course attempts to cover many aspects of this devastating disease. During this course you will gain a broad understanding of the issues surrounding HIV and AIDS, the developments to stop the spread and treatment of the disease, and most of all the knowledge and power to protect yourself, your colleagues and your loved ones.

Money Management Workshops

If you are ready to break the cycle of debt, or are still struggling to find a way out of it, our halfday workshop offers essential guidance. Learn how:

  • To take charge of your financial situation
  • To assess and understand your financial status
  • To budget and make intelligent saving decisions
  • To invest your savings
  • Important creditworthiness is when applying for credit
  • Default information and judgements work
  • To manage credit accounts responsibly
  • To get out and stay out of the debt trap and who to turn to for help
  • Credit bureaus and credit reports work

Please note: This workshop is offered to individuals or companies that wish to obtain skills development rebates from their relevant SETA or companies that wish to sponsor a workshop in a community to obtain BEE points.

Money Management Workshops for Individuals download calendar rate us

Individuals that attend our Money Management Workshops will learn techniques to enable financial freedom and break the cycle of debt. Be empowered with knowledge to set realistic and achievable goals to manage your personal finances.

Money Management Workshops for Employees download calendar rate us

Booking a Money Management Workshop for your employees provides immense benefits for your company. Obtain skills development rebates from your relevant SETA, build loyalty and trust amongst your employees; and have a more positive workforce that leads to greater productivity and a happier working environment.

Money Management Workshops for Sponsors download calendar rate us

Companies can sponsor Money Management Workshops for a community of their choice. Build brand awareness, brand loyalty, credibility and trust amongst your consumers and show that you care. Your company will contribute to skills and community development and obtain the essential BEE points on the socio-economic contribution component of your BEE scorecard in terms of the Code of Good Practice.

Workplace Literacy download calendar rate us

Workplace literacy refers to the individual’s ability to speak, listen, read and write in the course of work. Enrol for our course to acquire the skills to read, analyse, interpret and understand various forms of business documentation and processes that relate to your specific job function or business type.

Workplace Numeracy download calendar rate us

Today’s high-performance workplace requires basic numeracy skills. This course will develop your mathematical skills so that you can perform your duties efficiently and confidently. You will also learn to interpret and understand various forms of mathematical related documentation and processes that relate to your specific job function or business type.