Micro Lending Frontline Service

Who will benefit from this learnership?

The microfinance sector is a large and growing one that requires microfinance professionals with the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to function effectively in a microfinance institution (MFI).

This learnership is therefore aimed at equipping you with the tools to function effectively as a microfinance officer in a MFI whether you are already employed in or wanting to be employed in the microfinance field. When you successfully complete the learnership you will be competent to handle all aspects of the loan cycle from dealing with an application, through processing the loan disbursement to handling repayments.

The Microlending Frontline Service Learnership is based on the National Certificate in Microfinance (SAQA ID: 23453) registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) on Level 3.

Learning outcomes:

Throughout this learnership, you will learn how to work with clients, assist them with loan applications and advise them on suitable ways in which to make loan repayments as well as on alternative ways to obtain funding in cases where the client does not qualify for a loan. Similarly you will learn how to advise on the suitability of clients to be granted a loan within the framework of the legislation and regulations that regulate this sector.

At the end of the learnership, you will have achieved the following learning outcomes:

  • Understand microfinance business principles
  • Understand the legal, ethical and professional needs of the microfinance industry
  • Calculate the repayment ability and assess the credit risk of potential clients
  • Recommend the financing decision and pay out the loan
  • Counsel customers in a microfinance environment
  • Collect and manage loans
  • Demonstrate an understanding of product positioning
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the target market
  • Develop and implement credit policies, procedures and control systems
  • Foster and maintain customer relations
  • Demonstrate an understanding of employment relations in an organisation
  • Produce and use spread sheets for business
  • Produce presentation documents for business
  • Produce word processing documents for business

Scope of the learnership:

The learnership consists of the following skills programmes and modules:

Module Title Credits
An introduction to consumer credit management 12
Applying credit assessment practices and methodologies 21
Credit control and collections 8
Maintaining client relations 6
An introduction to employment relations 6
Workplace numeracy 16
Workplace literacy 23
Basic computer skills (Spreadsheets, Word documents and Presentations) 15
Marketing for credit providers 18
Credit policies and procedures 10

*Learners in possession of a valid, certified Grade 12 certificate with mathematics and a language can obtain exemption from completing these modules.

All the modules are designed in an action learning format, which means that you will be assessed on your ability to apply what you have learnt in the workplace. Therefore this is not just a theoretical study but also a very practical work-based learning experience. The practical component of the learnership includes case studies, workplace assignments, role plays (where applicable), reflection and feedback opportunities, group discussions and exercises. These modules will be delivered in a classroom-based learning format and will be supported by workplace assessments and assignments.

For more information, or to enrol for this learnership, please contact us on 021 888 6000 or email us at info@compuscanacademy.co.za.